Kitchens and Creations of Excellence since 1908La Cornue is a French purveyor of luxury kitchen appliances for culinary delight.

Château SeriesThe Crown Jewel of La Cornue

The Château exhibits timeless style and summons an expression of truly refined taste. Handcrafted ranges available in 8,000 configurations, colors, finishes, and measurements, there are endless possibilities to make your range tailor-made, just like your desires, your dreams, and your appetite. Each Château is a masterpiece whose every detail has been designed to make your kitchen unique.

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CornuFé SeriesPowerful Yet Playful

The CornuFé Series truly exhibits the quality and spirit that is La Cornue. A functional piece of culinary artistry, the CornuFé is available in two sizes, with eight finishes, three trims and in either a dual fuel or induction range model. More than just a range cooker, the CornuFé is the symbol of convivial, joyful cuisine that is full of flavour.

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Flamberge RôtisserieA Signature Piece of The Maison La Cornue

The Flamberge combines professional performance and stunning aesthetics. A veritable jewel of technology that optimizes the circulation of heat, it allows you to roast meats, poultry, fish, or even whole fruits and vegetables in a state-of-the-art manner and releases the flavours while preserving the tenderness of the flesh for an optimal taste experience.

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HeritageAuthenticity and Modernity

Two words, two epochs, connected by the constant pursuit of perfection and mastery in cooking techniques. Since 1908, La Cornue’s desire for excellence leads them to handcraft exceptional and personalized ranges that bring culinary dreams to life. With superior knowledge, the finest materials, and a relentless dedication to improvement they create the finest kitchen cooking products in France.

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