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Creating the perfect starting point when designing and building any kitchen, the wall oven is often paired with a cooktop and built into the cabinetry. No matter how big or small the space, Midland offers models from 24” (inches) all the way up to 36” (inches)!
 Whether you are looking for a convection or steam model, or a single or double oven, the variations in style and type of wall ovens goes on and on.  Providing users both kitchen design options and multiple cooking options, the wall oven will truly be the focal point of any kitchen.

Wall Ovens





The Classic Wall Oven

Available in single and double oven styles, wall-ovens have all kinds of settings to match your cooking needs. Here at Midland, we carry both convection and non-convection ovens in 24” (inch), 27” (inch), and 30” (inch) models.

Steam Ovens





Update Your Arsenal

Perfect your cooking and add a new dimension to your cooking arsenal with steam. With the ability to steam your rice, cook your veggies, or bake some bread, steam ovens are a fantastic addition to any kitchen.

Speed Ovens



 From Frozen To Dining Table In The Blink of An Eye

A combination of a microwave and a traditional convection oven, speed ovens are great for fast, easy, cooking. Taking the best features from both products, this unit uses the quality cooking of a convection oven and pairs it with the speed of traditional microwave technology. Take your meal from the freezer to the dining table in no time at all.





 Versatility At It's Finest

Combi-ovens are the ultimate in versatility. Cook with either convection, steam, or the combination of both. Giving better performance, with faster cooking times and superior food quality; they are a must for the modern kitchen. With sizes ranging from 24” (inches) to 30” (inches) you are sure to find the perfect fit for your kitchen space.

Warming Drawers



 No More Cold Food

If you are regularly cooking meals in stages or are looking to keep some dishes warm while others finish up, then a warming drawer is a must have for your kitchen setting. Easily pair your oven and kitchen setup with one of our many warming drawers we have to offer here at Midland.