When it comes to refrigeration there is an endless opportunity of selection.
Whether you are deciding on what type of refrigeration to put in your kitchen or you’re looking to add refrigeration to another part of the house Midland has all the options to help you make your decision. 
Made in a variety of sizes for different purposes, built-in, integrated, under-counter, and outdoor refrigeration are just a few of the options to choose from.

Integrated Refrigeration


Now You See It, Now You Don't!

Let your cabinets and refrigeration flow together in one seamless design. By matching your fridge to your cabinets the options are endless in how you can blend integrated refrigeration into your kitchen design.

Built-In Refrigeration

 Make A Statement

If you have wanted to give your kitchen that professional clean look, built in refrigeration is the way to go. The increased height and size options make a bold statement in any size kitchen.

Freestanding Refrigeration




A Classic

The versatility of a freestanding refrigeration unit is unparalleled. With options such as top mount, bottom mount, or side-by-side fridge/freezers you are sure to be able to find exactly what you need.

Condo Size Refrigeration





A Fridge For Every Space, Big Or Small 

For smaller spaces more compact appliances are a necessity, and refrigeration is no exception. Smaller 24” (inch) wide refrigerators are perfect for compact kitchens. With many of the same options as a full size fridge, you will be able to find the type of fridge you want in the size you need whether its built-in, integrated, or free standing.

Column Refrigeration





The Ultimate Fridge Customization

Customize your refrigeration set up with columns. Such versatility in design allows for fridge columns, freezer columns, and even wine columns.

Outdoor Refrigeration





Make Summer That Much Better

As the spring and summer entertaining season fast approaches bring your kitchen onto the patio. Extend your kitchen into the great outdoors with under-counter and drawer refrigeration options.

Under-Counter Refrigeration


Versatility At It's Finest

If space is a premium, put your fridge under the counter. With the ability to put the fridge in almost any space, there are numerous combinations from a complete fridge, all freezer, or a combination of the two styles.

Wine/Beverage Refrigeration


Store The Reds, Cool The Whites, And keep The Drinks Cold

Store your precious reds and cool your whites. Single-zone and dual-zone styles provide options for wine storage. It’s the perfect solution if you want to display your wine collection or store it for a later date.

Make sure your drinks are cold when you are hosting and never let another guest suffer through  a lukewarm drink. Let us help you find the perfect solution for all your beverage and wine needs!