Why Buy Ranges From Midland?

Built to be the centerpiece for any style of kitchen the range is arguably one of the appliances with the most options. Ranging in size from 24” (inches) to 60” (inches), ranges come in numerous fuel types including gas, dual-fuel, induction, and electric.  Whether you are looking for a freestanding unit, a slide-in, or pro-style range Midland has it all.

Freestanding Ranges






Built To Suit Your Cooking Style

Designed to be easily installed anywhere in your kitchen, freestanding ranges feature oven controls mounted at the back. Built to suit your cooking style, freestanding ranges come in a variety of fuel types including electric, gas, dual-fuel, and induction.

Slide-In Ranges






 Designed For A Seamless Kitchen Appearance

Blending beautifully with your surrounding cabinets and counter tops the slide-in range is designed to create a seamless kitchen appearance while matching with any back-splash. The slide-in range provides the clean look of a wall oven and cooktop combination with the ease of install only offered with a range. Options include electric, gas, dual-fuel, and induction models; these ranges are great additions to any custom design kitchen and make fantastic replacement models.

Pro Ranges


The King Of The Ranges

Crowned the king of all ranges, the pro-range is the most versatile unit on the market. Bringing together the professional cook and interior design world a pro-range is a great addition to any kitchen. Sizes ranging from 30” (inches) wide to 60” (inches) wide, the pro-range offers all gas, or dual-fuel cooking options. If you’re looking to break away from the standard gas burners, many pro-ranges are equipped with a griddle or char-broiler in the place of some of the burners. Matched with the capability to select burner types, pro-ranges often have two ovens one of which can be an industry leading steam oven.