No matter the space there are numerous options to fit any kitchen effortlessly with countertop, over the range, microwave drawers, or microwave assisted ovens for fast effective cooking and reheating.

Countertop Microwaves




The Classic

The standard microwave is commonly known as the counter top microwave and can be used on the counter or can be built into the cabinetry using one of the many stylish trim kits we carry. With 24” (inch), 27” (inch), and 30” (inch) trim kits our microwaves can be built in flush with any cabinetry to give your kitchen a beautiful finish.

Over-The-Range Microwaves (OTRs)




A Space Saver

Ideal for smaller kitchens, over the range microwaves combine two applications in a single sleek unit. Installed over a range or cooktop, the OTR doubles as a microwave and a hood fan. OTR’s are great when cabinet space is minimal.

Microwave Drawers




Functionality And Style Unite

The functionality of any microwave with the style and presence of a wall oven. Microwave drawers are a truly built-in system being installed directly into the cabinets.