Laundry is constantly evolving and innovation is pushing the limits of your traditional laundry machines.  Manufacturers are constantly innovating their laundry systems with new additions such as more capacity, added features, and better efficiency. At Midland we carry a wide selection of the newest and greatest laundry systems on the market to give you ample options to choose from.

Front-Load Washers/Dryers


A Classic Space Saver

Front load, stack-able laundry has become the most popular laundry option in today’s market. Front load laundry is the most space efficient design which works well in single family homes and condo spaces.

Top-Load Washers/Dryers


Bigger, Badder, More Efficient

If you’re looking for a laundry system that will wash all of your dirty laundry in a fewer number of loads take a look at some of our top load models. While it may not be as compact as a front load model, top load machines have an increased drum size and a redesigned water distribution system to make it more efficient.

Combination Washer/Dryers





The Ultimate All-in-One Space Saver

For the smallest of living spaces where square footage is at a premium, combination laundry machines provide great convenience by combining the capabilities of the washer and dryer into a single compact unit.