If mealtime in your home leads to a messy cooktop than the black ceramic glass finish of the electric cooktop may be the perfect fit for your kitchen. With beveled or stainless steel finished edges, these cooktops are fantastic for ease of use and most importantly clean up.

Ranging in size from a 12” (inch) single burner to a 36” (inch) multi-burner cooktop we offer a range of sizes to fit into any kitchen no matter how big or small!



By putting control in the user’s hands with the ability to finely tune the size and heat of the flame, gas cooking has long been a popular choice to achieve the perfect dish.

Heating up and cooling down instantly gives gas cooktops not only precision but a level of efficiency expected in a luxury appliance.


Due to its several advantages over both gas and electric cooking, induction cooking is rapidly gaining popularity in North American Markets as a relatively new application.

Combining the speed and precision of gas and the sleek surface styling of electric, induction cooking is a cleaner method with comparatively more safety features than any other type of cooking.

By heating up the pan directly rather than the cooking surface, induction cooking prevents food from burning or sticking to the cook top surface.




 If you’re looking for professional restaurant quality in your home kitchen a built-in gas rangetop will provide you the level of performance you’re seeking.

With capabilities such as high BTU outputs and multiple burner options including griddles and grills; rangetops can be placed in the countertop or on the island top give you ultimate cooking performance.